Mobile Transportation and Delivery Support

Our Mobile Transportation – Assist our neighbors living in homeless shelters and motels to such events as housing appointments, job interviews, doctor’s appointments, rides from the hospital, ride to shelter or picking up/dropping off medication.

Only events associated with assisting our neighbors with getting back on their feet or helping in a time of need will be allowed. All rides are scheduled in advance.

Our Delivery Support – We are in the community bringing resources such as food (boxed and cooked) donated clothing, shoes, and socks, backpacks for the children, school supplies, coats, hard to get underwear, diapers, baby formula, personal hygiene items and hard to get necessities to those in need.

Mass Care Operations: Includes rides to the shelter, feeding operations, bulk distribution of emergency items, and collecting and providing information. The Mobile Transportation Team may also be asked to dispatch across the city to canvass for homeless clients and transport to shelters and other places.
Emergency Assistance:Assistance required by the city to assist with feeding survivors and first responders, and assist with clean ups.