Resource Connection Support

The purpose of the Resource Connection Support is to provide assistance to our neighbors at risk of becoming homeless, homeless and hungry. Moving beyond the walls of our organization and engaging with people who are alienated from mainstream support and services. Some of our neighbors have a difficult time navigating community programs to get access to housing and other support services they need.


Currently the Community Homeless Assistance Systems have limited resources. This means that they often cannot serve everyone that calls.  To make the most of their available resources, according to National Alliance to End Homelessness many communities try to serve the subpopulations and those most in need of help. But there’s still a need for those who didn’t qualify as those most in need of help.


Whether its short term or long term we work one-on-one with our neighbors to ensure they get the help they need to either stay in their homes or finding affordable housing, shelter, transportation, health care, paying utility bills, paying rent, and food.